Welcome to our website – explore this site to learn everything on composting! Here, you can learn how to begin a compost pile with our extensive educational materials. Or you can find information on where to go in Tulsa for composting help and resources.

Compost Contest Flyer 2014

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Compost Everything is your resource for all things composting within Tulsa, Oklahoma. We want this site to be utilized to help you pursue your dreams of becoming a Master Composter. Throughout the site you will find information on our composting events around town. This includes seminars, meetings, webinars and compost bin sales. We have uploaded some of the very best brochures on composting. Feel free to download any of the materials or contact The M.e.t. (email or 918-584-0584) for them to send you a brochure.

Compost Everything is a partnership with The Metropolitan Environmental Trust (The M.e.t.), the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, and Tulsa Master Gardeners. This partnership was created in the fall of 2012 to promote composting. We had many events last fall within the Tulsa area that were a great success! We highlighted our campaign with a packed 4 hour seminar at the end of October. Multiple experts spoke for 20 minutes at a time and we ended with a compost bin building demonstration. We will have this seminar once again in March! Go to our Seminar page for more information.

There will be composting events throughout the year so please utilize this website to stay updated!

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Become the hero of dirt. Win the recognition of every gardener throughout Tulsa.

Saturday, April 26, from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
Cherry Street Farmers’ Market
15th Street between Peoria & Lewis Avenues

There are two ways to enter. Bring your compost to the Tulsa County OSU Extension Service at 4116 East 15th Street on Friday, April 25, from 9 am to 4 pm or bring it the M.e.t. and Tulsa Master Gardeners Booth between 7 am and 9 am on Saturday, April 26.

Submit your compost in the bottom half of a cut-off milk jug with no identifying marks. Include your compost “recipe” on an index card, or fill out this information form.

Judging will begin at 9 am on Saturday, April 26. Winners will be announced at 10 am Trophies and prizes will be awarded to First Place, Second Place, Third Place and to Best Compost Recipe.

First Place and judgeFeatured above is last year’s winner, James Weininger, and judge, Steve Wood.

Compost Contest Flyer

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Compost Contest

Saturday, April 26, 7:00 – 11:00 a.m.
Cherry Street Farmers’ Market
15th Street between Peoria & Lewis Avenues
Details on the Contest.

Compost Seminar at the Tulsa Master Gardeners Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, May 7, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Fair Meadows at Expo Square
4145 E 21st St., Tulsa

Compost Seminar

Saturday, May 31, 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Tulsa County Extension Service
4116 E 15th St, Tulsa

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We want the public to be able to access multiple sources of information on composting.
Here, we feature some of the presentations that our Expert Composters have presented at our compost Seminar. Please feel free to download any of these PowerPoints.

Soil’s Alive! Presented by Robyn Stroup, TCC Associate Professor of Biology

Click here to download the Soil’s Alive! PowerPoint

Compost Failure to Thrive Presented by Teri S. Holmes, Tulsa Master Gardener

Click here to download the Compost Failure to Thrive PowerPoint

Vermicomposting Presented by Shelley Umezawa, The M.e.t. Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator

Click Here to download the Vermicomposting PowerPoint

Yes, my compost doesn’t stink!

Click Here to download the Yes, my compost doesn’t stink! PowerPoint

Using this Gardeners Black Gold Presented by Brian Jervis, Tulsa County Extension Educator, Oklahoma State University

Click Here to download Using this Gardeners Black Gold PowerPoint

Composting Dynamics

Click Here to download Composting Dynamics PowerPoint

Revisiting Composting Dynamics

Click Here to download Revisiting Composting Dynamics PowerPoint

Soil Biology

Click Here to download the Soil Biology PDF

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Below you will find a couple of links to some brochures produced by the The M.e.t. Please feel free to download the brochure or contact Annie for The M.e.t. to mail you one.

Backyard Composting This is one of The M.e.t.’s brochures on Backyard Composting. It covers everything from why to Compost, how to begin, different bin designs, techniques and even lawn care tips!

Worm Composting This brochure covers everything on Worm Composting with an overview, how to begin and expand the life of your worm compost. This was a joint effort with The M.e.t. and Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service. 



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The following links offer great resources on composting. Many have downloadable materials to refer to when starting your composting adventures! 

The Metropolitan Environmental Trust (The M.e.t.)
The M.e.t. is a non-profit governmental agency established to aid in solid waste issues in the Tulsa metro area with 13 recycling drop off centers, household pollutant events, and environmental education. This links to The M.e.t.’s Compost page which gives a brief overview of composting and what you need to know to get started.

Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service
Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service county educators and area, district and state specialists develop science-based educational programs to help Oklahomans to solve local issues and concerns, promote leadership and manage resources wisely. Programs focus on:
• Increasing opportunities for agricultural enterprises
• Natural resources and environmental management
• Food, nutrition, health and safety education
• Youth, family and community development

Tulsa Master Gardeners
There are Master Gardener programs in 45 states. These programs serve the important function of providing trained volunteers to assist in providing information and support to home gardeners and the community.

Tulsa Garden Center
Home Composting Made Easy By Barry Fugatt

All you need to know about composting, renewable energy and organics recycling.

A complete home composting guide, this site offers practical information for converting yard, garden and kitchen waste into soil building compost.

USEPA Composting Homepage
Composting offers the obvious benefits of resource efficiency and creating a useful product from organic waste that would otherwise have been land filled. This website provides information on the following:
• General information on what compost is and what can be composted
• Types of composting
• Good materials for composting
• Laws and Statutes
• Composting publications
• Links

Backyard Composting in Oklahoma
Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Fact Sheet

Organic Gardening
Organic Gardening Magazine’s Compost Page with links to videos, brochures and information on composting.

Composting System for Small Horse Farms PDF
Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Fact Sheet

Healthy Garden Soils
Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Fact Sheet

Recycling Yard Waste: “Don’t Bag It” Brochure
Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Brochure

How to Compost
Another site that brings all types of composting information together. For beginners to experts there are multiple articles, tips and links on composting and organic gardening.

The Icebox Test
Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Fact Sheet

Everything you need to know about buying compost for your home garden, lawn, or business. Starts with initial questions to the details. They even provide a compost calculator!


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This is a joint partnership between:

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Zach Cole
The M.e.t. Director of Public Relations

This site will continue to change with up-to-date information on Composting. Please send us anything you’ve discovered such as composting links, events, research, books, pictures, references, brochures and more! We will update the site for everyone to have access this information.

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