We want the public to be able to access multiple sources of information on composting.
Here, we feature some of the presentations that our Expert Composters have presented at our compost Seminar. Please feel free to download any of these PowerPoints.

Soil’s Alive! Presented by Robyn Stroup, TCC Associate Professor of Biology

Click here to download the Soil’s Alive! PowerPoint

Compost Failure to Thrive Presented by Teri S. Holmes, Tulsa Master Gardener

Click here to download the Compost Failure to Thrive PowerPoint

Vermicomposting Presented by Shelley Umezawa, The M.e.t. Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator

Click Here to download the Vermicomposting PowerPoint

Yes, my compost doesn’t stink!

Click Here to download the Yes, my compost doesn’t stink! PowerPoint

Using this Gardeners Black Gold Presented by Brian Jervis, Tulsa County Extension Educator, Oklahoma State University

Click Here to download Using this Gardeners Black Gold PowerPoint

Composting Dynamics

Click Here to download Composting Dynamics PowerPoint

Revisiting Composting Dynamics

Click Here to download Revisiting Composting Dynamics PowerPoint

Soil Biology

Click Here to download the Soil Biology PDF