The following links offer great resources on composting. Many have downloadable materials to refer to when starting your composting adventures! 

The Metropolitan Environmental Trust (The M.e.t.)
The M.e.t. is a non-profit governmental agency established to aid in solid waste issues in the Tulsa metro area with 13 recycling drop off centers, household pollutant events, and environmental education. This links to The M.e.t.’s Compost page which gives a brief overview of composting and what you need to know to get started.

Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service
Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service county educators and area, district and state specialists develop science-based educational programs to help Oklahomans to solve local issues and concerns, promote leadership and manage resources wisely. Programs focus on:
• Increasing opportunities for agricultural enterprises
• Natural resources and environmental management
• Food, nutrition, health and safety education
• Youth, family and community development

Tulsa Master Gardeners
There are Master Gardener programs in 45 states. These programs serve the important function of providing trained volunteers to assist in providing information and support to home gardeners and the community.

Tulsa Garden Center

A nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide a variety of horticultural and environmental education opportunities for the community and to serve as horticultural headquarters for the Tulsa area.

All you need to know about composting, renewable energy and organics recycling.

USEPA Composting Homepage
Composting offers the obvious benefits of resource efficiency and creating a useful product from organic waste that would otherwise have been land filled. This website provides information on the following:
• General information on what compost is and what can be composted
• Types of composting
• Good materials for composting
• Laws and Statutes
• Composting publications
• Links

Backyard Composting in Oklahoma
Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Fact Sheet

Composting System for Small Horse Farms PDF
Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Fact Sheet

Healthy Garden Soils
Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Fact Sheet

Recycling Yard Waste: “Don’t Bag It” Brochure
Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Brochure

How to Compost
Another site that brings all types of composting information together. For beginners to experts there are multiple articles, tips and links on composting and organic gardening.

The Icebox Test
Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Fact Sheet

Everything you need to know about buying compost for your home garden, lawn, or business. Starts with initial questions to the details. They even provide a compost calculator!