Compost Everything is your resource for all things composting in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We want this site to be utilized to help you pursue your dreams of becoming a Master Composter. Throughout the site you will find information on our composting events around town. This includes seminars, meetings, webinars and compost bin sales. We have uploaded some of the very best brochures on composting. Feel free to download any of the materials or contact The M.e.t. (email or 918-584-0584) for them to send you a brochure or assist with any of your composting needs.

Compost Everything is a partnership with The Metropolitan Environmental Trust (The M.e.t.), the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, and Tulsa Master Gardeners. This partnership was created in the fall of 2012 to promote composting. We host events within the Tulsa area and promote sustainable and green living. This includes composting: a lovely way to keep your plants and yard happy and healthy!

There will be composting events throughout the year so please utilize this website to stay updated!